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more photos
bedroom - living room and kitchen
June 2008-under construction

The Homer Roundhouse is in a small, quiet neighborhood. Most people look past the houses on either side to the view of Kachemak Bay and the Kenai Mountains.

Walk back the path, down the road a few yards and the trail to Bishop's Beach begins.

You'll enjoy a clear view to the sky with a few tree tops from anywhere in the yurt except for the closed-in bathroom.
In April of 2009, Redoubt Volcano erupted and sent Homer almost a quarter inch of ash. The picture on the left is the ash cloud making it's way to Homer; above is a bit of the ash caught on the dome after the wind blew most of it away; left is ashfall.
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eagle fishing near the Homer Spit
beach sunset on Kachemak Bay
Bishop's Beach tide ripples